Client Accounte

Can I be a Client?
Our sale is exclusive to retailers or professionals licensed for resale . If you are in one of these conditions, you may be a Client


I am a private customer, how can I buy?
You can't buy from our online store, but we'll be happy to refer you to our partner stores near you, please email us at 

Orders and Deliveries

Can I cancel or change my order?
Yes you can, but for logistics and work management reasons, please notify us of this intention within 12 hours after sending the order to

How long does my order take to prepare?
The preparation time of your order depends on the availability date of the ordered items (each unavailable item has the availability date shown) . Usually we always wait for the minimum time that is 3 days and send the available items after those 3 days. Unavailable items will be pending and will be shipped when available in an upcoming shipment.
We ask for special attention to availability dates and always try to let us know until you have everything available.

I bought an article but now I find that it has another price on the site.
Due to market trends and trade promotions, prices on our site may differ for the same item depending on the time of purchase. In this case LG Arts & Crafts will not refund the difference, the price of the item being applied at the date of purchase of the customer.

I received an incorrect item in my order.
We do apologize . To resolve this issue as soon as possible we just need to:
- Send an email to with your details (name and tax ID), invoice number, wrong article reference and which item you originally ordered;
- You must return the item to the address indicated by our assistant.

Where is my order?
If your order was already shipped, you can contact us and request information by emailing Remember that after the date the order is shipped, it may take up to 3 days to be delivered to mainland Portugal, Madeira and Azores delivery time may depend on the freight forwarder chosen, for other countries the delivery time may be from 3 to 15 business days (unless delayed by carrier).

I haven't received my order yet.
After shipment of your order, the delivery time is approximately 1 to 3 business days for mainland Portugal, Madeira and Azores delivery time may depend on the freight forwarder chosen, for other countries the delivery time may be 3 to 15 business days (unless delayed by carrier). If this normal deadline has not yet received your order, please send us an email to so that we can check with the carrier for the updated status of your order.


What are the payment options?
Payment for your order can be made by bank transfer, before shipping the order or to the carrier at the time of reception

Exchanges and Returns

How much time do I have to return?
You may return the item (s) for exchange or refund within 14 days from the date of receipt.

Does LG Arts & Crafts accept all returns?
No. Returns will only be accepted as long as the product (s) has no sign of use and is properly packaged. Shipping charges are borne by the customer.

Returns of discounted items.
If you return an item that has received a rebate from your total order, the amount will be returned, less the pro rata share of the rebate for that item.

Contact US

How can I contact Luis Guarda Lda for information?
You can make your inquiries:
Internet: On our page you have a help section where you can clarify any doubts. 
  +351 969 153 663 or +351 962 144 637 or +351 244 723 626
WhatsApp: +351 969 153 663

Does LG Arts & Crafts have physical stores?
No. LG Arts & Crafts sells online exclusively to professionals.